Creating Time

06 Nov

Ever write a term paper?

Of course you have…it’s impossible to escape from the modern American educational system without being coerced into writing at least one painful paper about something you couldn’t care less about.

Always looking for ways to shorten the content while maintaining the physical length, we play with ways to get the most space out of the fewest words. Whether we choose to increase the font size from 12 to 14 or select a clown carnival font that takes up twice the space of Times New Roman, triple space instead of double space the lines, or increase the size of the margins, we are always trying to get more column length out of fewer words. It’s become so commonplace that instructors now have to specify font size and type, line spacing, and margin width in their syllabus.

Before instructors started to get wise to these ploys, increasing the margin width was always my tool of choice. If I could find a way to squeeze out just a fraction more space on the top, bottom, and sides of the page, I could appear to have written more while doing less. The sad thing is that if I had spent as much time thinking about what I wanted to say as I did trying not to say it, I could have written some really meaningful papers…maybe. And I would have gotten better grades… definitely.

I find myself trying to increase the margins in my life as well…Whether I let out a class “just” 5 minutes early, drive “just” 10 miles over the speed limit, or stay up “just” an extra half hour, I am JUST trying to “create more time” in my life…

Creating more time is a fallacy. We are each given the same amount each day. Time is the most precious commodity we have, and how we spend it determines our level of success. Margins do exist…and we need to utilize them effectively. But isn’t it interesting that when we work to ” create” margin in our lives, we end up filling that “created” time with junk? Ever race home from work as fast as possible to check your FarmVille status on Facebook? Ever stay up an extra half hour and end up using it to play computer solitaire?

This begs the twofold question:

“What are some of the things you do to try to “create” more time in your life?”; and,
“How do you fill the time that you magically ‘create’?”

I’ll feature the best responses in an upcoming blog post. So shake loose those tools you use to “create” more time.

And remember…

Be Marginal!


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3 responses to “Creating Time

  1. Alisa Bonham

    November 7, 2011 at 4:57 am

    None of us can create more time any more than we can add inches to our stature. Creating is something only God can do. Creating is making something from nothing as described in Gen. 1. We are however told to redeem the time in Eph. 5:16…thus, make the most of it and making it count for the LORD.
    From a stay at home mom’s perspective the way I do that is always kill as many birds with one stone as possible. If I’m going to run errands, plan the route to make the most of gas and time. Get in and get out. Stick to the list. Make sure all items have a correct price tab on them. Remember, the shortest line isn’t always the fastest!
    When I plan meals, I try to plan around left-overs. Plan left-overs too. They are fast and easy. Some things like chili, are better after they’ve mingled a day. Make enough & plan it in for the really busy night.

  2. Justawildolivebranchguy

    November 7, 2011 at 7:11 am

    I have TWO perfectly good ways to create more time. 1. Slow down Earth’s rotation or 2. Slow down it’s orbital speed. Either one should do the trick, mate!

  3. Bryan Hart

    November 8, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    I think the best way to create time has to do with what Ziglar taught: go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. Even if you sleep the same amount of hours, if you are intentional with the extra hour or two in the morning doing things that matter most to you, your best time and energy will be spent on your most productive work.

    Think about it, is the best time to work on a special project, a side business development, etc. after 8 hours of work and the drive? It just makes sense to make time (or make room) for the most important things.

    Same amount of time, but with purpose.


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