Chasing a Dream

14 Nov

On September 1st, I set some goals…

They are turning into dreams…

A dream is something you want to do that is just hanging out there in the Ethernet. It’s nebulous…you want to do it, but you aren’t sure if and when it will get done. A goal is a dream with a deadline. My deadline is December 31st…

I gave myself 4 months…right now, I feel like I could have given myself 4 years…or 4 decades.

One of my goals is to reach 250 pounds. I used to weigh 360. On September 1st, I weighed 293.

Today I weigh 280.

I want to skydive…but federal regulations require me to weigh no more than 250 in order to skydive.

Skydiving is a dream that I have made into a goal by setting a deadline.

Now I’m stuck…just 30 pounds short of my goal…or is it my dream?

You see, I hate to exercise.

And yet I have had so much success with weight loss when I get into the gym 3-4 times a week.

I am on my way to the gym as I write this. I know how good I will feel when I am done working out. I know how much more motivated I will be throughout my day.

And I know that the only way that I will ever get the privilege of throwing myself out of a perfectly good airplane will be by reaching my goal, not aspiring to my dream.

What about you? Have you “date-activated” your goals? Or are they just dreams, hanging out there in the land of Someday?

If you haven’t set a date to accomplish your dream yet, what’s stopping you? Pick up a calendar and set a realistic date. Then find one thing that you can do today to work toward making that goal a reality.

Me? I’m going to the gym…

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