Another Lost Idea…

22 Mar

I seem to have some of my best blogging ideas at 5:30 am…

When I am half-asleep…

Standing in the shower…

Without my iPad…

Of course, if I took my iPad with me into the shower, I would have a very interesting blog to write…I couldn’t use my iPad to write it (ever again), but it would be interesting.

Well, this stream of thought isn’t getting me anywhere, so let’s keep rowing…where was I?

Oh yes, blogging ideas at 5:30 am in the shower.

I had a couple of great ones this morning. I said to myself, “Jon, you need to write this one…people will love it!”

The blog I am currently writing is NOT the one I was thinking about this morning.

And the reason is because I cannot remember what I was thinking about at 5:30 am while I was standing in the shower.


I could take waterproof markers and a dry erase board with me into the shower every morning…

Or maybe I just need to jump out of the shower when inspiration strikes me and scribble the idea on the steamed up mirror…

I guess if I was jumping out of the shower, I COULD just have a pen and paper handy to write down whatever I am thinking about.

But then, it would get all smeary…I would drip all over the paper AND the floor…it would just be a big mess…

This reminds me of an episode of “Seinfeld” where Jerry wakes up laughing and sleepily writes down some joke he thought of in his dreams. The next morning when he tries to remember what the joke was, he can’t remember it and he can’t read what he wrote down in the middle of the night. Throughout the entire episode, he keeps shoving this pad of paper in front of people and asking, “Can you tell what this says?”

Of course, sometimes, people read my blog and wonder what I was trying to say, so maybe there’s a good analogy…

I have a point…I really do.

And it is this: Why does some of our best thinking occur when we are in a situation where we are not equipped to capture the thoughts?

And more to the point, what are you doing in your life to capture good thoughts and use them to further your life goals?

I hope you can give me some good ideas…

Because I really don’t want to buy a waterproof case for my iPad.


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4 responses to “Another Lost Idea…

  1. Rae

    March 22, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    Hilarious! I have the same problem but usually when I’m driving. I don’t want a notepad glued to my dashboard anymore than you want a waterproof case! If I think of a solution for either of us, I’ll let you know.


    • jbecker007

      March 23, 2012 at 2:24 pm

      I know how you feel, Rachael…at least when I drive, I can use the record feature on the iPad. 🙂

  2. Bryan Hart

    March 26, 2012 at 7:54 am

    I have wanted to get the dragon speech to text program + a new Ipod or Ipad to capture ideas quickly and digitally, but it isn’t priority financially.

    I either write the ideas down as soon as I can or I tell Nikki about the idea and it generally sticks really well in my head.


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