03 Apr

Catastrophic hardware failure…

Not the words you want to have pop up on your screen when you are in the middle of writing a report for work..or paying bills online…

Or…playing Facebook scrabble…

Ok, YES, I was playing Facebook scrabble when those three words appeared in the middle of a blue box…in the middle of my screen…while the rest of the screen went blank. I sensed immediately that something was wrong…I have a college degree, so I’m pretty good at making logical connections.

For example, after several moments, I determined that the words “catastrophic hardware failure” and the inability to access anything on my hard drive were probably connected somehow.

I was right…

Google told me so.

Google also told me that this is likely not a hard drive issue, but rather, a larger issue in which the computer has converted itself into a rather large paperweight.

I have been nursing this computer along for a few years now…it will be six in August (I wonder how old that is in “people years?”). Anyway, I’m hopeful that I can salvage the hard drive, as I haven’t backed it up in about a month. On the other hand, I haven’t done TOO much important stuff in the last month that I might be missing…

Other than my taxes…

I’m sure the state of Indiana will understand if I don’t send them their payment…I’ll tell them that my computer had a catastrophic hardware failure. Everyone in today’s age of technology knows what that means. And I will also explain to them that I need the money I was going to send to them to purchase a new computer.

Since I use my computer to make money, if I do not have a computer I cannot make money. Therefore, if I buy a new computer, I will make more money, which means I will owe the state more money and they will end up coming out ahead in the long run…

Doesn’t that make sense?

Yeah, I don’t think they’ll buy it either.

Oh well, I have learned something valuable about social networking. I have had so many of my Facebook friends, even people I have not talked to in years, send me suggestions for ways to get great deals on computers. One person offered me a friends and family discount…another one recommended a site where I can get an educational discount since I am an educator. And others have sent me links to refurbished computer sites where I can get great deals on almost new machines.

I feel very blessed.

Much better actually than I did last night…

When my computer told me that I had a catastrophic hardware failure.

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One response to “Uh-Oh!

  1. Bryan Hart

    April 5, 2012 at 9:35 am

    Sorry for your loss.

    I like; I don’t know if they can compete with teacher’s discount…or the fronds and family discount. 😛

    You have an I-Pad, though, so I don’t feel too sorry for you. 😀

    See you tomorrow.


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