A Top Tip for Newbie Bloggers With Format Fever

20 Jul

Turns out you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! I know this to be true…because I am that old dog…and I just learned a new trick!

Veteran bloggers will probably scoff at me for this. They have probably known this for years. But I don’t care…because this is something I figured out for myself. And it makes so much sense.

I just finished writing another blog, and I was thinking about how to format it-images, hyperlinks, etc. I was also thinking about how “in the zone” I was at that moment…ready to write some more-brimming over with ideas, and I hated the idea of stopping that flow of ideas to format my next post…

Then it dawned on me…

Why would I stop the creative process to work on the technical aspects of writing? Accessing the creative process is the hardest part of writing for me…and here I am-staunching the flow of ideas to insert some html for a post that was already “in the can.”

Stupid, stupid, stupid…

It makes more sense to “open the floodgates” and let the words flow fast and furious…maybe I’ll write 2 more blogs…maybe I’ll write ten. But I can format them at the same time and schedule them at my convenience…

After the flow of words starts to slow.


Don’t slow the flow…when you’re ready to grow, you’ve got to let it go. Then you’ll have something to show. And all your friends will say, “WHOA.” And your foes will say, “OH NO.”

Okay, that was really lame…maybe I should have slowed the flow a little sooner.

Anyway, write as much as you can when the creative juices are flowing. You can always format later.

The End.


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Posted by on July 20, 2012 in Focus, Self-discipline, Writing


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One response to “A Top Tip for Newbie Bloggers With Format Fever

  1. George Bodmer

    July 21, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    Still . . . technique makes a few suggestions about content. Kit White writes in 101 Things to Learn in Art School, “A drawing (or a painting, photograph, and so on) is first and foremost an expression of its medium.” And so, if you’re writing something very rigid, like a sonnet (14 lines), a limerick (5 lines), a haiku (3 lines), the form suggests what you can and cannot write, guiding you in a way. And the sense that you’re writing a blog, with people reading and possibly commenting, leads you in directions, works in your behalf, frustrates you, adds to your creativity.


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