About The Marginal Writer

I have always wanted to write…to write something meaningful…something that would connect with someone…But I have always thought myself to be a marginal writer.

I have a very busy friend who manages to fill his life with all sorts of activities. When I asked him how he still manages to accomplish all that he does, he commented that he did those things “in the margins” of his life…during those times when he was able to grab a few moments here and there. And the slow, steady progress that comes from working “in the margins” eventually adds up to some significant accomplishments.

We all have margins, whether it’s while waiting at the doctor’s office, sitting in the car, or during half-time of the football game. So, with my trusty iPad in hand, I have decided to make use of the margins of my life to try to say something meaningful on an occasional basis.

Most of what you read here has been created in the gaps. I hope you find it enjoyable…and feel free to share this with your friends!


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