Meet the Family

My name is Jon. My wife’s name is Kate. We have 8 kids…

Sounds like a reality show, right?

Well, HERE’S the reality…

I am the luckiest guy in the world…I married my high school sweetheart. In 2012, we are celebrating 25 years of marriage…

We have eight GREAT kids…one GREAT daughter-in-law, and a pretty terrific life. I’m a math teacher at a regional branch of Indiana University. If you ask any of my friends who knew me back when, they would tell you that they are surprised I ever graduated from college, let alone ended up teaching at one. But here I am!

Let me introduce you to the family!

Front: Matthew, Sarah, Rachael, Jon, Kate, Faith, Jason;
Back: Eric (Daughter Kelly’s BF), Kelly, Jack, Kelsie (Jack’s Wife), Andrew


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